Kane, Ballmer & Berkman (KBB) is a small to mid-size AV-rated law firm with offices located in Los Angeles and San Diego, California, and West Palm Beach, Florida.  Since its inception in 1963, KBB has specialized in providing expert and ethical legal representation and services to redevelopment agencies (and former redevelopment agencies operating as successor agencies in California pursuant to the California Redevelopment Dissolution Law), municipalities, economic and development commissions, special districts, and various other public entities both within and outside California.  Specific legal services and representation offered by KBB include the areas of construction law, environmental law, procedures and determinations pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), hazardous waste and remediation litigation, general real estate finance, development and land use law, eminent domain law, public finance law, assessment district creation, surety bonds and public works law, municipal bonds, public finance laws including public securitization programs, property taxation and assessments, affordable and market-rate housing, and related municipal trial and appellate litigation work.

Unlike other firms, KBB offers ongoing hands-on experience during its interaction and representation of city councils, planning commissions and successor agencies to former redevelopment boards and their respective staff members throughout California.  Such interaction and representation include participating in various publicly held meetings involving both controversial as well as non-controversial issues.  In all such meetings, KBB is readily prepared to provide timely advice and assistance to assure that these meetings are carried out both effectively and in a manner deemed appropriate by the elected and appointed officials conducting such meetings.

KBB’s overriding objective and approach to client representation is to provide diligent and efficacious advocacy appropriate and necessary to accomplish the legal goals and objectives of its clients.  This is accomplished by drawing upon the diverse nature and years of experiences of its attorneys and finding creative and innovative solutions.

KBB currently represents approximately three dozen public entities.  Notable KBB’s clients include and have included the Los Angeles Community College District, Culver City, Huntington Beach, Inglewood, Los Angeles, Lynwood, Oceanside, Ontario, Oxnard, Palmdale, Pasadena, South Pasadena, Imperial Beach, La Mesa, Coronado, Solana Beach, and San Diego.  KBB also represents in a limited capacity certain private clients (generally property owners and/or developers) on related real estate matters in cities that are not KBB clients.