The Firm has extensive experience in all aspects of construction law and acts as construction counsel to public entities including cities, counties and school districts, as well as to private developers, owners and contractors. The Firm provides complete advice and support to public and private entities on all legal aspects of construction, from the initial drafting of the contracts, through contract administration, to post-construction litigation and dispute resolution. Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of construction law, including such matters as:

  • Planning, design and engineering pre-qualification and procurement
  • Procurement, contracting and delivery system strategies (including design/build, multiple primes, fast-track, CM at risk)
  • Drafting contracts for planning, design, engineering, program management, project management, and construction management services
  • Preparation of bid documents (RFP’s, RFQ’s, NIB’s, ITB’s)
  • Drafting of construction contracts
  • Bidding and bid protests
  • Performance and payment bonds
  • Construction administration
  • Scheduling
  • Change orders
  • Claims and disputes
  • False claims
  • Mechanic’s liens, stop notices and payment bond claims
  • Surety bond claims
  • Construction defect litigation
  • Alternative dispute resolution

Our transactional construction lawyers are experienced in handling complex transactions, involving billions of dollars of construction, multiple projects, and complex phasing. In transactional matters, we focus on assisting clients in anticipating potential problem areas and developing suitable strategies for procurement, contracting and project delivery that optimize the client’s management of project risks.

Our litigation construction lawyers are experienced in all aspects of dispute resolution that arise during and after construction, including bid protests, delay, scope and change order claims, mechanic’s liens and stop notices, surety bond claims and construction defect issues. Our focus is to resolve all construction disputes in a way that is most favorable to our clients, while doing so in the most expeditious, economical and business-like manner possible.